Video Tutorials

With our video tutorials we would like to give you an overview of DirectSmile Cross Media's features and functions. Have fun and get inspired while you learn to master building cross media campaigns and applications!

First Steps

To show you how to improve marketing results, we will introduce you to the company SuperGym. SuperGym is constantly searching for new members. This is done by hosting events, sending directmail and email, with recommendation marketing and content marketing that drives leads to their website. In this walkthrough you will learn how to make all this marketing activity happen with Directsmile.
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With the tutorials in this section you will learn the basics for building and designing your own VDP and Web-to-Print applications.

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An Introduction to VDP-Online.

Learn everything about text variables and how to use the variable editor.

This video shows you how to handle images in VDP-Online documents.

Learn how to use QR-Codes in VDP-Online.

Creating VDP documents from uploaded PDFs and assign PDFs as background to existing documents.

How to use RGB, CMYK and spot colors and to define color swatches.

How to Upload your own fonts and how to use Google Web-Fonts in VDP-Online.

How to create and use switches to create dynamic contents and pages.

Learn about the output options for your variable documents.

Extension Items

Our Extension Items Feature affords you a maximum of flexibility. With the latest version of DirectSmile Cross Media you can integrate HTML5 Plugins or online services that provide an interface for developers (API). Our community is constantly developing new extensions or scripts - for everyone and for free.

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A video tutorial in 5 parts explaining how to build responsive designs.

How to use spritely.js with DirectSmile Cross Media

How to use CSS3 Animations with DirectSmile

Manuals & Guides


Learn more about your opportunities and see how DirectSmile will help you to start off with revenue-boosting multi-channel business.

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Here's the place where the DirectSmile team and our users share professional knowledge.

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This is the easiest way to get in touch with our support team.

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